Aquatic DOA (Dead on Arrival) Policy:

    Definition of DOA:
        DOA refers to any aquatic organism that arrives deceased upon delivery or within a specified timeframe after delivery, typically within 24 hours.

    Notification Process:
        Customers must notify us of any DOA specimens within the designated timeframe, usually within 24 hours of the delivery timestamp.
        Notification should include clear photographic evidence of the deceased specimen(s) in the original packaging.

    Verification Process:
        Upon receipt of notification, our team will review the provided evidence to verify the DOA status.
        We reserve the right to request additional information or evidence to confirm the DOA status.

    Refund/Replacement Policy:
        In the event of a confirmed DOA, customers are eligible for either a refund or replacement of the deceased specimen(s).
        Refunds will be issued to the original payment method used for the purchase.
        If a replacement is preferred, arrangements will be made for the next available shipment, subject to availability.

    Conditions for Refund/Replacement:
        DOA claims must be made within the specified timeframe and accompanied by appropriate evidence.
        Specimens must have been properly acclimated and placed into suitable aquatic environments upon receipt.
        Refunds or replacements are not applicable if improper care, handling, or environmental conditions contributed to the specimen's demise.

    Shipping Costs:
        Customers may be responsible for shipping costs associated with returning deceased specimens or receiving replacement shipments, depending on the circumstances and our policy.

        DOA policy may not apply to certain circumstances, such as extreme weather conditions or shipping delays beyond our control.
        Livestock covered under warranty or guarantee programs may have separate terms and conditions outlined in those programs.

    Customer Responsibilities:
        Customers are responsible for providing accurate shipping information and being available to receive shipments during scheduled delivery times.
        Proper acclimation and care procedures must be followed upon receipt of aquatic specimens to maximize their chances of survival.

    Dispute Resolution:
        In the event of disputes regarding DOA claims, our team will work with customers to reach a fair resolution based on the evidence and circumstances presented.

    Policy Updates:
        We reserve the right to update or modify our DOA policy at any time, with changes communicated to customers via our website or other appropriate channels.

By adhering to this Aquatic DOA Policy, we aim to provide our customers with fair and efficient resolution in the unfortunate event of deceased specimens upon delivery.

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